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Power DMX Hybrid Cable


     The SP-PDC aims to save time for every tight stage setting. Time is money. The hybrid cable SP-PDC consists of a 2.50 mm² power cable and a balanced AES/EBU data cable. Due to the 3x 2.50 mm² conductor area and the robust, three-pole Powercon plugs with interlock, a current-carrying capacity of up to 18 A is achieved. In contrast to conventional powercon plugs, the revised plugs can be plugged under load (IEC 61984) in combination with the built-in versions powercon in/out socket. The DMX data line with 110 Ohm characteristic impedance (AES/EBU) is protected against interference from the power line. The Stagepart® 5-pin XLR connectors used have a three-pin assignment.  The split of the cable is 35 cm.

Feautures and Functions:

• Power&DMX combination cable
• Powercon male and female plug (Powercon True1 optional)
• Male 3-Pin XLR to female 3-Pin XLR (5pin XLR optional) 
• Ideal for DMX signals and power over a cable
• 3x2.5mm for power cable
• 110 Ohm for dmx cable
• Split of the cable is 35mm
• Color of the cable: Black
• Can add cable tie on the cable
• Can add Heat shrink tube on the cable(Color optional)
• Length: 1.5M, 3M, 5M (Any other length can customized)
• Can print unique company info on the cable