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RDM Touch Tester


  The RDM Touch Tester is the most ultimate tool for every lighting technician. With its versatile functions and user-friendly 6-button + full-colour TFT touch screen display, the RDM Touch is fully equipped to measure, test, and troubleshoot any application with DMX controlled lighting. This unit can be used for testing 3 and 5-pin cables, test midi signals, monitor and analyze signals, program sequences, send and receive DMX, and is also equipped with an RDM controller function. It is the ultimate solution to help bring peace and balance to many of life’s DMX512 challenges. The RDM Touch will be delivered including carrying case and 3 to 5-pin XLR adapters.

Features and Functions:

Power Supply:9 VDC (battery not included)
Power Consumption:2.5 W
Display: Full-color LCD
Display resolution: 240x320 pixel
Memory: microSD Card
DMX Port in: 5p DMX signal connector
DMX port out: 5p DMX signal connector
DMX ports'electrical standard: ANSI E1.11/ANSI E1.20
RJ45 port supports TCP/IP, Artnet, DHCP&Static IP assignment
USB port: Micro USB B type
Cable Tester: 3/5P, open circuit, short ciruit, wrong wiring
Operating temperature: 0 to 45 degree
Size: 67x44x113mm
Weight: 0.4KG